Dobe - Multifunctional Cooling & Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 - Black(techaccessories)

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1. This base is compatible with CFI-1000A and CFI-1000B PS5 consoles.
2. The built-in two speed regulating fans can speed up the air circulation at the bottom of the PS5 console to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.
3, the fan control switch on the left side of the fan can be four gear switch (fast, medium, slow, OFF), using intelligent chip control, and has the power off recording function.
4. There are 11 disc slots on the left side of this product, which is convenient for users to place 11 boxes of games they like to play.
5, this product is equipped with Y-type data cable, which can be powered from the two USB 3.0 ports on the back of PS5 console, which can support USB2.0 data transmission, there is no need to purchase another power supply.
6. This product can charge the two original PS5 controllers at the same time. When charging, you can see the orange breathing light from the front of the controller. Only when the controller is not connected to the console, the orange breathing light will be displayed. If the controller is connected to the console, only the white long light will be displayed on the controller during charging. If the controller is being charged, the blue light and white light will be displayed on the controller).
7. There is A Type A USB 2.0 data transfer port on the left side of the product, which is mainly used to connect the PS5 controller for playing games. At the same time, it also provides 5V DC power output. Since this USB2.0 port is directly charged from the PS5 console, when the two PS5 controller charging ports on the charger are charging, it is not recommended to connect the high current charging load outside the USB2.0 port, otherwise, the PS5 controller or external device cannot be charged normally. If there is no controller charging on the charger, the USB2.0 port can also charge the USB charging products (but this port may not be compatible with some digital products).
8. Full charging time of the controller: about 4~4.5 hours
9, product length * width * height: 235*230*30MM, product material: ABS+ hardware bottom plate,
10, ? accessories: Y TYPE usb transfer TYPE 1 - C cable, connector TYPE - C 2, fixed screw 1.

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